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A mutated clone of a Yoshi named Günther originally intended to be a test of Professor E. Gadd's cloning machine; Bowser interrupted E. Gadd and modified the clone's genetic structure, reversing its moral polarities (to make it evil) and attempting to give it fire breath. Due to a glitch that occurred in the cloning process, instead of fire breath, the clone gained the ability to throw fire from his hands and fire lasers from his tongue, which glows in the dark. Shortly after the beginning of the clone's career serving Bowser, an invisibility machine was fused to his back when he was stricken by lightning, giving him the ability to turn invisible at will. This resulted in his being named Noshi. Noshi has since been one of Bowser's top spies, having avoided much direct contact with the Mario Bros. using his invisibility powers, but it is widely assumed amongst Bowser's minions that Noshi's true desire is to overthrow Bowser as ruler of the Koopa Troop, and the world. While continuing to serve Bowser in wait for this opportunity, Noshi became aware of Sven, the son of Günther (who had apparently died in the cloning process), and started behaving mysteriously toward Sven, causing Sven to theorize that the cloning glitch had negatively affected Noshi's sanity. Whether or not this is true is meant to be left a mystery, commenting on the complexity of the mind.