0) Prehistory

As has been noted elsewhere on the site, the general notion to create Arpeggio was spawned by hegel5000's Allo's Town RPG. Several years ago, I, the Grate Oracle Lewot, as well as BlueKara and Bizz (then known by the longer title Bizzaroo-Chan), began participating in the original version of Allo's Town, run by Hegel but largely based off of BlueKara's Beautiful Buzzy comics. After a few years of playing the game, Hegel decided to overhaul its system to an extent drastic enough to warrant beginning the plot anew. This was convenient enough for me, as my player character, Project U, had been playing based on his portrayal in a tiny, horribly programmed and barely begun Game Maker game of mine, but by the time that Allo's Town v2 started, he had acquired a starring role in a new game of mine that, at the time, looked to be my life's greatest achievement. This game, upon reaching the disturbing realization that I was not giving up on it, promptly developed an incurable glitch and forced itself onto the chopping block. I of course plan to resurrect it with the latest and greenest form of black magic, but that is a tale for another website, and one that is not yet born.

With Allo's Town II in progress, I apparently developed the desire to try my hand as a regulator in addition to a participant. This process went as smoothly as my Game Maker career: lots of incomplete, failed attempts, all backed by passion but wrecked by one to infinity tragic (but inherent) flaws. As anyone who knows me (at last count, about five) could guess, I was determined to base my RPG system at least in part off of Paper Mario, it being my favorite video game of all time, and that for its number system.

It seems so natural in hindsight, but here is the course that my efforts took. Originally, I developed a system that was similar to Paper Mario but had one particular addition which managed to throw things entirely out of balance by definition; this I do not really count as an attempt, because I never got anywhere with it (beyond about five enemy sheets), and I salvaged the plot elements to create one third of the complex storyline of the aforementioned game starring Project U. So, in what I am referring to as my first attempt but which came after the thing I just mentioned, I tried simply to use Paper Mario's system in its exactitude. This failed during character creation, when Hegel wanted to use guns. I had not any method available of accounting for their ammunition, and though I tried connecting it to Flower Points, I quickly decided that that would not work and that my copied-and-pasted system had the inherent flaw of not being able to account for all means of attack. So, naturally, the second attempt went in the other direction—throw in every feature from every game I have ever seen and then some. This one never even got off the ground in a test-flight sense, because I could never have done the necessary calculations as a regulator. Even using a calculator, it was far too complicated.

In my Game Maker life, these sorts of cycles repeat themselves many times over, but there are also many of them, swirling around each other like live, half-eaten fish drowning in the space/time continuum. But as has been established, everything about a text-based RPG is far slower than its correlate in a video game. This is fine—in fact, in this case, advantageous, for, although these RPG system ideas took place over a long time, the third attempt turned out to be the charm.

This is Arpeggio, as detailed on this website, Ostinato. Share and Enjoy.

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