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Shadoo will appear as shadow copies of each of the player characters. Each shadow copy will be a completely separate target with its own action per turn and Status and so on, just like all of the player characters functioning separately. A Shadoo version of a player character will have all of that character's attacks, abilities, items, weapons, armor, etc.—everything will be the same, with the only differences being that the Shadoo version will be maximally leveled up even if the player character isn't, having 100 HP, VP, and MP, and each Shadoo will always have an Attack of 3, Magic of 4, Defense of 0, and Brain of 5 regardless of the stats of the character it is copying. In Super Paper Mario, the Shadoo copies of Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser were fought one at a time, but then only one player character could be active at once too, so in Arpeggio it seems more fun to simply pit the players against a shadow party identical to theirs, with everyone in battle at once. Shadoo was the equivalent to The Master and Bonetail from the first two games, fought after the final boss of the story.


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