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The demons found in Oblivion, the underworld ruled by Dr. Zeus's brother Mr. Hades, all appear as just a pair of angry eyes with gray irises flying around, but their true colors are revealed (literally) when they attack, showing a jagged mouth. This is just a regular, non-Elemental demon, so its mouth and eyes are black. In the game, they just did the equivalent of the basic attack, with the main challenge being that they never leave you alone once they come onscreen and their flying pattern makes them difficult to hit; here, though, I thought it would be appropriate to give them both magical and psychic attacks, although since there's not a psychic equivalent to the default dark magic, I just gave this one a few other darkness-themed attacks. I like to imagine that they have a full body, but it's kind of hidden in another dimension, so you wouldn't be able to see the magic weapon that they need to carry in order to cast spells, but this might just be me not wanting to think of a better way to reconcile that.