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A slab of concrete with a face and stubby limbs. It's related to Thwomps, but it can't hover in the air, so it has to run over and fall on its face in order to crush its targets. The problem is, it has a crack in its back that serves as a weak point, so after it's attacked, it's vulnerable to retaliation. This being Arpeggio, though, you can skip this whole system by using psychic attacks or anything that pierces Defense. Conceptually, a Whomp will always turn to face its foe when it's standing up, so even though its back isn't covered by anything, it can't be targeted until it falls down. The 9 Charisma should be interpreted more as it being stubborn as a chunk of the wall rather than a cunning debater—essentially, purely defensive Charisma, which would prevent it from being tricked into showing its back without falling. A Whomp, as written here, can be seen as an "easier" version of a Thwomp, since it will expose its weak point when attacking, whereas a Thwomp will always have the 100 Defense.