BlueKara's Buzzy Comics

Time makes fools of us all.

While inarguably amateurish in... most respects, the original Buzzy & Friends Novice Rookie Adventure and its reboot Beautiful Buzzy are two (both incomplete) webcomics written and drawn by BlueKara, one of the players in the first ever game of Arpeggio and in Hegel's preceeding RPGs, and are at the very least of sentimental value to those in the related circles. I preserve them here, for your viewing (dis/a)pleasure, as a tribute to Arpeggio's humble beginnings—and more importantly to embarrass BK.

If recollection serves, there is a lost chapter of Beautiful Buzzy that was at one time posted on the Pikmin Returns forums, taking place after the last one you'll find here (but still not concluding the story). It involved the characters having a long conversation inside of the title box, as a meta-gag. I believe it's gone forever, but if you somehow have it, please don't hesitate to come forward.

Buzzy & Friends Novice Rookie Adventure

Beautiful Buzzy

Supplementary Material