Game 1

Game 1 was the first instance of anyone ever attempting to execute a chat-based RPG using the Arpeggio system detailed on this website, Ostinato. At this time, Arpeggio lacked many of the features that you can find on Ostinato today, and there were other differences such as the game master (me, the Grate Oracle Lewot) being referred to as the Apathetic Arbiter instead of the Maestro. The players were my online posse of that era: BlueKara, Bizz, and hegel5000 (and later, breifly, someone named Anthony). The initial setting was the Mario universe, mainly extrapolated from the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series. The main characters were a drunken teenage girl who became BlueKara after a sex change operation, a singing "shadow tracker" in the vein of a Thief from Fire Emblem, and a mute dragon powered by nuclear fission; Anthony's character was a Shy Guy of mechanical prowess. The game was hosted over Windows Live Messenger, colloquially referred to as "MSN" (because it used to be called MSN Messenger), a service that no longer exists.

Many of the enemy and item stats now found in Ostinato's Default Data section were originally written up for use in Game 1. A few of the more... specific contents are still kept in this section, due to not being as easily usable in other settings. Note that of the things not yet invented at this time, even the Weight stat of characters is one, and so any Weight stats you see on these character sheets were added after the fact.

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