Records of RPGs Other Than Arpeggio

Here I've got PDF records of different tabletop RPGs related to Arpeggio: the second version of Allo's Town (Hegel's original RPG preceding the creation of Arpeggio); the first attempt at playing KV's Jam Sessions (then called KV's Totally Original RPG or the TORPG), which was the first known spinoff of Arpeggio; and the first attempt at playing Arpeggio's second spinoff, aroramage's Concerto (which deviates much more from Arpeggio's mechanics than do the Jam Sessions), the first game being appropriately known as the First Concerto (but despite the grand name, only one session was ever played =P ). The Allo's Town records are partially incomplete, missing sessions 3 and 4, and I don't have anything from the original run of the game. Potential, ah... content warning, for what is there.