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Super Mario Bros. Power-Up Suits

These armor items are not meant to protect the wearer so much as grant them extra abilities for as long as they can avoid taking significant damage. This effect is very similar to the Fire State, Ice State, and Raccoon State Status Benefits, but counts as armor being worn. The Tanooki Suit is essentially a Raccoon State plus the ability to turn to Stone, and the Penguin Suit is essentially an Ice State plus the field abilities to breathe underwater and not slip on ice; the Propeller Suit differs from the Raccoon State in that the user must remain either flying or not flying for the duration of a turn instead of flying or landing as is most convenient within the same turn, and the Flying Squirrel Suit is only aesthetically different from a Raccoon State. However, if a Fire/Ice/Raccoon State character takes more than 5 damage from a single attack, the extra damage is not transferred over to their regular HP, whereas it is with armor; on the other hand, a character may have one of these States and also wear one of these suits, and will then get the armor's protection plus the 5 extra HP (as well as the powers of both at once). Similarly, the Cannon Box (from Super Mario 3D World) can be worn as armor while the wearer simultaneously wields a weapon, and the wearer can choose whether to attack with the weapon or fire a cannonball (though firing a cannonball counts as using an unarmed attack, leaving no weapon equipped during the following Enemy Phase). The Coin Box was called a ? Box in the game, but the wearer continually earns Coins while it's on; in Arpeggio form, I've made it into more of a battle-based challenge, where you only earn such Coins in battle, and you get more the more damage you inflict while wearing it, but of course you have to keep it from breaking.