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Bosses are so named for typically being in charge of normal enemies whom they use as minions, although in video game (and tabletop RPG) terms we're simply talking about a particularly powerful opponent of the players whose defeat is probably required to progress in the plot, even if the boss character in question jumps out of nowhere and has nothing to do with anything. In Arpeggio, as a rule, bosses are immune to Instant Death, as their battles are supposed to be difficult and often lengthy. In specific games of Arpeggio, the Maestro may also make some or all bosses immune to Status Problems such as Time Freeze so that the boss can't be rendered moot by the players, but this will depend on the players' abilities and the Maestro's preferences. Bosses in Arpeggio also may begin their battles on the Enemy Phase and thus get the first move (sort of like a guaranteed First Strike).

Typically, one would make up new bosses for a game of Arpeggio rather than recycling old ones from video games. However, because I'm just that obsessive about the first two Paper Mario games, here are sheets for all of the bosses from both, plus those from Super Paper Mario and Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling, which can at the least be used as a comparative baseline for building the stats of new bosses. As such, while I've taken liberties with the regular enemies, I've gone to lengths to make sure that these boss sheets are as accurate to the games as possible. That being said, keep in mind that a team of player characters in Arpeggio is generally stronger than Mario and his partner were (particularly in the first game when the partners didn't even have their own HP), and that many of these bosses rely on unique gimmicks that make defeating them a matter of more than just raw power.

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