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Default Vehicle Sheets

Characters in Arpeggio can hop into and drive vehicles, which get their own vehicle sheets similar to character sheets. Here you'll find the default ones that I've written up, which include basic cars and tanks as well as wacky machines from the Mario universe, vehicles made of LEGO bricks (based on the LEGO video games, which were the inspiration for the entire vehicle system), spacecraft from the Star Wars franchise, and some other junk.

If the player party size exceeds the number of seats in a vehicle that they acquire, they are likely to attempt to pile everyone in anyway. One way to deal with this might be to equate vehicle seats and item inventories such that any "extra" passengers negate one ten-item inventory each, leaving less room for items and possibly ejecting any items that were in those inventories. Another idea is to allow one or more characters to ride on top of a vehicle, with there being some chance that they will fall off while the vehicle is moving; I would probably use Long Fall damage on anyone who falls off even if the vehicle isn't flying, because falling off of a fast-moving car would probably be just as painful. The point is, as a Maestro, keep this kind of thing in mind when you choose which vehicles to give players access to (which includes enemy use of vehicles that could potentially be stolen by the players).

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