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Key Vehicle Sheet



Extra items can be stored inside a vehicle. While a character is driving the vehicle, these items can be used immediately as if they were in the driver's inventory. However, if the vehicle explodes when destroyed, all of the items that were still inside are destroyed. If the vehicle does not explode, the items will be left sitting in the wreckage and can be grabbed by anyone. If one of the items in a vehicle is a Death Shroom, then the Death Shroom will activate when the vehicle is destroyed, so all of its items will be destroyed whether the vehicle explodes or not, but the driver's items will not be destroyed. Vehicle explosions cannot destroy items that Death Shrooms cannot destroy. Vehicles do not have separate inventories for weapons, but weapons can be stored in these ten slots along with regular items. Vehicles have one ten-slot inventory per seat, so a vehicle with four seats could hold forty extra items, and whichever character occupies that seat has access to that inventory (although if nobody occupies a seat, characters occupying other seats have access to that empty-seat inventory in addition to their own). Some vehicles may have more or fewer ten-slot inventories than they have seats, storing extra items in secret compartments or somewhere like the bed of a truck; anything like that will be made clear here in this section of the vehicle's sheet.

Seat 1


Psychic Attacks

If the vehicle can perform any psychic attacks (which obviously requires it having some kind of AI), then these will be listed here. If it cannot, this section will be left off. Because the AI will have a Brain Power stat, the damage of these attacks will be based on that stat just as for characters.

Magical Attacks

If it has any of these, they'll be listed here and their damage might be based on a Magic Power stat. If it doesn't have any of these, this section will be left off. The vehicle doesn't need a magic weapon to cast its spells because it essentially is the magic weapon, but characters inside still need magic weapons to cast their own spells from within.

Elemental Modifiers

Yet again, these work exactly like they do for characters.


Like the Information section of enemies. Just explain what the vehicle is and anything else that isn't clear.


Just like for characters, if there's anything else that can't be explained in the normal fields, put it here. If not, leave this section off the sheet. A common note seen here is "Open-cockpit," indicating a vehicle that does not fully enclose the driver and therefore does not protect them from attacks.