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A Koopa who's mastered the art of cloud riding and has an infinite stock of Spiny Eggs at its disposal. Lakitus are some of the only enemies in Arpeggio that always appear with a vehicle, and always the same kind of vehicle: the clouds that they ride. This is much like how other Koopas always appear wearing shells as armor. The cloud allows the Lakitu to fly, treating it as a flying character and giving it an effective Platform stat of 9. If the cloud is destroyed before the Lakitu is killed, the Lakitu falls to the ground and its Platform stat is reduced to 1, but it can still throw Spinies from its grounded position. To steal the cloud, kill the Lakitu without using multitarget attacks to avoid damaging the cloud itself; one player will then be able to ride the cloud and fly until the cloud's HP is gone. To create a Fishin' Lakitu, simply give the Lakitu a Fishing Pole and have a seemingly free item in the field turn out to be the bait, where a player grabbing it allows the Lakitu to make a First Strike.


Lakitu Cloud | Spiny