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Ne'er-do-wells who always wear masks over their faces, as well as robes which come in one of many colors (but most commonly red). In this basic form, they aren't much of a threat, but there are many subtypes with different abilities. When holding Sky Balloons, they're known as Sky Guys, and in this case they're invariably armed with Slingshots. When armed with a Frying Pan, they're called Fry Guys. Thieving Shy Guys armed with Crowbars (and possessing the necessary C Weapon Level in Sticks to wield them) are referred to as Pry Guys. Extra-shy Shy Guys (meaning prone to running from battle) who wear Moe-Eye Sunglasses are simply called Moe-Eye Guys. Trucker Shy Guys driving Semi-Trucks are, of course, called Semi Guys. No longer rhyming, but having the necessary D Weapon Level in Shuriken, Shy Guys wielding Origami Shuriken are called Ninja Guys. Shy Guys who ride on the backs of Ostros and therefore count as mounted units called Knight Guys, and may appear plain or wearing plated armor and carrying lances (and the Weapon Levels to use them) to accentuate the theme. All of these are merely variations on this basic Shy Guy enemy sheet, while more elaborate subtypes get their own separate sheets with more differences. Shy Guys originate from the dream world of Subcon in Super Mario Bros. 2, but proliferated in Yoshi games.