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One of the princesses of the heron laguz and one of the species' only surviving members after the Serenes Massacre. She was thought to have been lost along with the other herons, but in reality, the surviving life force of Serenes Forest kept her alive and asleep for many years until Ike found her and protected her from Oliver. It was this act of kindness toward the herons that caused Tibarn and Reyson to trust Ike. Leanne convinced Reyson to accept Apostle Sanaki's apology for the Serenes Massacre, and, three years later, assisted Queen Elincia during the Crimean uprisings and eventually fought for Yune, goddess of chaos, amongst those spared from Ashera's petrification. She is very adorable, especially when she tries to speak English—her first language is the ancient heron tongue.