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The martial arts guru who trains his pupils Chan and Lee in his Dojo, found in Toad Town. He rewards challengers who can defeat his pupils or himself with Belts—Green for a beginner, Orange for an intermediate, and Purple for an expert who has beaten The Master himself—which allow the wearer to purchase items in the Ninja Club Shop on the Dojo's ground floor. These items tend to be rare and relatively low-priced, but it is widely known that very few people have ever bested The Master in combat, even in his old age. He seems to be a Toad wearing red robes (though these morph into yellow robes when he takes to the battlefield), but his strength far exceeds any other Toad in Toad Town, and he is said to be stronger than Prince Mush, the original Glitz Pit champion (who is also a Toad). The Master sometimes leaves the Dojo for extended periods to train in other parts of the world.