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One of the princes of the heron laguz and one of the species' only surviving members after the Serenes Massacre. He lived with the king of the hawks, Tibarn, for most of his life, but also assisted Ike and the Greil Mercenaries in both of their major adventures. Despite being unable to fight, he is not easily frightened and will do whatever he can to accomplish his goals—he once almost sang the forbidden Dirge of Ruin as revenge for the burning of Serenes Forest, but was convinced not to dishonor himself by Tibarn. After being betrayed many times by Naesala, the crow king, he holds a strong grudge against him, but after Begnion's apostle personally apologized to he and his sister Leanne for the Serenes Massacre, he has learned not to hate all beorc indiscriminately, as he previously did.