Game 2

Game 2 was the second game I have ever hosted using the Arpeggio system. The players were random internet people called kirbyviper93, VOLCANO BAKEMEAT, Bizz/Levity, and aroramage. The initial setting was the town of Trelvet, which was being plagued by monsters; this town rests in the mysterious past of the Mushroom World, before Toads and Koopas displaced humans as the dominant species: although the setting is largely medieval, you're never quite sure what could happen, because sentience and technology have evolved, risen, and fallen multiple times in the Mushroom World. The game was hosted over Skype rather than MSN. In the Skype records, my name appears as Lewot or Oaa Yaak; kirbyviper93 appears as Cary Concoby or names containing KV; Jared/VOLCANO BAKEMEAT appears as Jared or names containing Jay; Bizz/Levity appears as names including Levity, Levi-Tea, Lëvîtý, and Via, often with the addition of strange symbols; and aroramage appears as Andrew Cornell, sometimes also with symbols.

Just like with Game 1, some changes have been made to the system since Game 2 ended, but I'll leave everything in this section as it was for historical accuracy.

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