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Starting Rooftop Fiddler Sheet


Current Stats

HP: 15/15, VP: 30/30, MP: 5/5, Status: Normal
Blood Alcohol Level: 0.00

Weapon Levels

Support Levels


Combat Stats

Field Stats



Special Attacks

Psychic Attacks

Magical Attacks

Elemental Modifiers


A suspicious salesman found on the roof of the Golden Crown Tavern and Inn. He sells and trades items, and is known only as the Rooftop Fiddler. He does not actually own a fiddle, but claims that his item dealings can be referred to as "fiddling." He is the leader of a small group of thieves in Trelvet equivalent to the Robbos in Rogueport, making him sort of a combination of Ishnail and Moustafa, role-wise. He is human, however.

Rooftop Fiddler (Start) | Rooftop Fiddler (Current)