6) Final Note

As the very name of this site, Ostinato, incorporates, the Arpeggio system as I have laid it out here may seem rather dizzying in its vastness. Furthermore, this is quite contrary to the idea of heavy simplification that the first two Paper Mario games embrace and for which I love them so dearly. This final note, then, is here to remind potential young Maestri that all of the information on this site is entirely optional. While I enjoy the thought of someone stumbling upon this site and actually using the system as I have laid it out, I realize that I have added many (perhaps too many) aspects to what was originally something quite closer to Paper Mario and its simplicity; if you, as a Maestro, wish to forgo the weapon system, the support system, armor, the mental disorders, or even something as basic as field stats or Magic Power and Brain Power, then feel free to do so. Remember, the purpose of Arpeggio as I have designed it is to have fun: if you need to heavily edit the system to achieve this, then by all means, do. All of the crazy details are there mostly because I cannot stop thinking them up, as opposed to thinking that anyone will actually use them. Do what you will, for I could not stop you if I wanted to.

I do suggest that if you wish to forgo the separate VP and MP and only have one such stat, you should call it Fuel Points, abbreviated FP, because that way it will be the same abbreviation as in Paper Mario, where it stood for "Flower Points."

~Grate Oracle Lewot

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