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Default Psychic Attacks

Taken from Mother 3, these psychic attacks fall into groups, with the different levels/stages/editions/whatever of each attack denoted by Greek letters, usually α (alpha), β (beta), γ (gamma), and Ω (omega). Player characters must learn the α version of an attack before they are allowed to learn β, and so on up the chain, each costing them one AP. This limitation isn't placed on enemies or NPCs, and players can simply make up their own psychic attacks that are equivalent to higher-level versions in order to effectively skip the lower levels, all of which is done to encourage players to make up their own stuff. That being said, I often give these default psychic attacks out to enemies, so they see a fair amount of use. Note that half of these did not actually have the "PK" in their name in the Mother games, but I used it here because without it, many of the attack names would be so generic as to overlap with names of things from other series.

PK VigorUp γ and Ω heal the VP of everyone including the user, so their cost is really two thirds what is stated (but the user must have the full stated cost remaining before use in order to use the moves). The accuracy check of PK Thunder should be calculated as follows: the chance for α to miss is treated as one possible target, which is to say, if there is only one opponent to target, then there is a 50% chance for the attack to hit and 50% to miss, but if there are three opponents, then each one has a 25% chance of being hit, with the remaining 25% being a miss, and so on. Thus, the more targets there are, the less likely the move is to miss. Then for the higher levels, just run the same calculation multiple times, each irrespective of the result of the others.