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Default Special Attacks

The expectation in a game of Arpeggio is that players will be bursting with their own original ideas and will want to make up their own special attacks for their characters. The Maestro, of course, will have the final say over exact numbers, particularly VP or MP costs, so that players can't use this freedom to make something overpowered, but as a means of encouraging players to create their own attacks, I don't have pages and pages of premade ones for them to choose from like I do with enemy sheets and so on. However, in order to provide some sort of baseline and to draw attention to the differences between physical, psychic, and magical attacks in Arpeggio, here I've written up default sets of psychic attacks and magical spells, the first based on the Mother/Earthbound series, and the latter on Fire Emblem. Additionally, I have some basic weather-conjuring attacks similar to those seen in the Pokémon games. The magic, naturally, is used on my default Fire Emblem enemy sheets, while I've given some weather abilities to some random enemies; I don't have Earthbound enemies, but the PSI is used by the Stickmen from Hegel's original Allo's Town RPG, and I've also stuck it on some Mario enemies and some others, basically using it as default stuff that anyone can learn in order to mimic the feel of Hegel's games.

You'll recognize the Tattle ability from Paper Mario, and that gets its own entire page here, so go read that for a full explanation.

Default magic and psychic attacks mostly belong to groups wherein a player must first learn the weakest version of the attack, and then later learn each stronger one in succession, requiring many level ups and multiple Attack Points. This limitation isn't seen anywhere else in Arpeggio, and can be circumvented by having players create their own functionally identical but technically original ripoffs of the attacks; this system basically only exists, once again, to encourage players to try to think up their own ideas instead of just using the default stuff.

Now that I've created a system for badges, many additional special attacks are written up in badge form, including all of the attacks granted to Mario by badges in the first two Paper Mario games, and even some left out of those but found unused in their data. The default attacks in this section are all also available in badge form.

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