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Stat-Boosting Badges

Here again we must confront the difference between boosting an attack (or type of attack) and boosting the base stat that it draws from. If the base Attack Power stat is changed, this will generally have a greater effect due to changing pre-multiplication, for example with an attack that deals x2 +2 damage, if the Attack Power increases from 3 to 4, the damage changes from (6+2=)8 to (8+2=)10; if the attack overall is just given a +1 boost, then 8 would only become 9. The x2 multiplication generally replaces the concept of a correct action command in Paper Mario, while in the game any boosts from things like the Power Plus badge occurred post-multiplication, making for example the normal Ultra Hammer attack deal (3+1=)4 damage with a failed action command and (6+1=)7 with a successful one. So basically in Arpeggio terms you should look for the word "base" to find things that boost the stat pre-multiplication, while anything else is post-.