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Default Badges

Here we have badges, optional equippable items that grant characters certain effects when worn, from new special attacks to any kind of passive effect that you can imagine (and perhaps some that you would rather not). I've included almost every badge from both of the first two Paper Mario games, as well as many effects from other games and whatever else I can come up with. Some of these are quite possibly unfairly overpowered, but remember that you don't actually have to include all (or any) of them in your games, and that you can adjust their BP costs to suit your preferences.

Like in Paper Mario 2, the effects of some badges are enhanced or altered by wearing more than one copy of the same badge. Such effects will be noted under the initial effect description, and if no effect is described for wearing multiple copies, then no such effect exists. In some cases, the effect keeps increasing for any number of copies, while in others there is only a special effect up to a particular number of copies; again, if it isn't indicated here, it doesn't exist.

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