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Status Condition-Affecting Badges

Most of the badges in this section did not use Status Conditions to achieve their effects in Paper Mario, but I've done so here in order to avoid having to write out lots of complicated stuff about how they interact (instead relying on all the complicated writing I've already done on the Status Benefits page itself). So, for example, any of these badges that grant a Charge effect can have their damage bonuses stack because multiple Charges are already defined as adding together. Badge-granted Status Benefits that persist under certain circumstances rather than using a turn count cannot be removed by items or abilities that remove Benefits, although this also means that any preexisting turns of the same Benefit are also effectively removed once the badge kicks in, not to return after the badge's effect ends. Under such persistent effects, stronger versions of the same effect may temporarily apply; for example, under a Power Rush effect where the badge-wearer is always Charged by 2, a normal attack that Charges by 2 would bump the Charge to 4, but after the character attacks with the +4, the Charge drops back to 2. Similarly, under an Armorfiend effect where the character always has an Attack Increase of 1, the character could receive an Attack Increase of a higher power, which would apply for the duration of its turn count, after which the character would revert to Attack +1. The persistent Attack +1 also makes the character effectively immune to Attack Decreases, since Increases and Decreases cancel each other out. A persistent Fast effect would make the character immune to Slowness, and so on.