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Red Ninjakoopa Sheet (2)


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A hypothetical sheet for what Red could have been like during the rematch in Bowser's Castle, had he not been taken out by Jr. Troopa. I've used these upgraded sheets to show off Arpeggio's weapon system (which is basically lifted from Fire Emblem), giving each of the Koopa Bros. a different type of weapon to further their TMNT parody. As the leader, Red gets a Killing Edge, which with his Attack Power lets him deal 5 damage, but which also has a 25% chance of landing a critical hit for x3 (after subtracting defenses). The critical hit chance doesn't apply to the combined tower attack, though, which adds together the power of all of the Koopa Bros.' weapons (5 + 4 + 3 + 2 = 14). How I imagine this battle working is that whenever the tower collapses, three of the Bros. will take individual weapon attacking actions before the fourth uses his turn to reform the tower and use the combined attack. I also gave Red the Elite Shell of an Elite Troopea, which is red but gives him 2 defense points instead of just 1.


Fake Bowser

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Red Ninjakoopa (2) | Black Ninjakoopa (2) | Yellow Ninjakoopa (2) | Green Ninjakoopa (2)