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The pieces of Huff N. Puff that break off when you attack him and take on a life of their own. But they exist only to serve him and ultimately he wants to reabsorb them. The best strategy is to smack Huff hard and then use a multitarget attack to clear out all the Tuff Puffs except for the ones generated by that very multitarget attack; rinse and repeat. The Tuff Puff swarm attacks as one, naturally acting before Huff N. Puff in a turn so that they can get an attack in before he reabsorbs them. There was a limit of 10 Tuff Puffs at a time in Paper Mario, causing any further to fall offscreen and leave Huff unable to eat them; consider lifting this limit in Arpeggio if you want the fight to be... tuffer. Also in the game, there were two different sizes of Tuff Puffs, and the bigger size healed Huff by 2 when eaten even though it still only had 1 HP; this allowed for more than 10 HP's worth of Tuff Puffs to exist at once without exceeding the 10 limit. I've written it as all of them being worth 1 to simplify the math, but do what you like.


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