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A mysterious character who wants to destroy all worlds by having The Void consume them. Supposedly, he would then create a perfect universe to replace them, but in reality he simply wants them all to end as revenge for the loss of his love, Lady Timpani. Naturally, Timpani was still around, having been turned into the Pixl Tippi, who by that point was allied with Mario against the Count. But the biggest twist of all was Dimentio hijacking Bleck's schemes and turning out to be the true final boss. Despite this, Bleck himself did start out invincible like a proper Paper Mario endboss, but this wore off once Peach, Bowser, and Luigi caught up to Mario. Perhaps in an effort to avoid revealing himself as Blumiere, Count Bleck tends to insert "Count Bleck" into every line of his dialogue.


Jeweled Scepter | Dark Prognosticus