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A cherub-like creature found in droves in the Blood Stained Sanctuary. Why on earth they're named after a geological formation I don't know, but swarms of them armed with spears will fly after Quote the whole way through to Ballos's room. Others are armed with swords or bows; on the way through the Sanctuary, these other types don't fly, but during the fight with Ballos, flying ones with red face paint appear using bows, so what I've done is made this sheet which is by default used for the lance type but can also be alternately armed with a sword or bow, and then I've made different sheets for the specialized sword and bow users that don't fly. So, for the most part, unless you're trying to recreate Cave Story exactly, just use this one and vary its equipped weapons. When Butes die, their skin turns green, possibly indicating that they're really demons disguised as angels.


Bute Swordsman | Bute Archer