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Default Enemy Sheets

Rarely is a tabletop RPG complete without enemies for the players to battle. To that end, here are provided premade enemy character sheets for enemies from several sources including Paper Mario, Bug Fables, and Fire Emblem. In a normal game of Arpeggio, enemy stats should not be revealed to the players until the Tattle ability is used on the enemy in question, but if a Maestro wishes, these sheets can be used to allow a game to be started as soon as the players create their player characters (without the Maestro having to make up their own enemy stats). Naturally, if you would prefer to make your own, you are free to do so, though I don't have any kind of special sheet editing software; check the blank sheets page for what I do have.

When it comes to how much XP an enemy should give out, I'm usually just throwing in a number so that I don't have to leave it a question mark, but what you should do is see what Level(s) your players are at when entering an area, and make the upcoming enemies give a few points more XP than that Level—in Paper Mario, if you're at about the level that they expect you to be at in a certain area, then a single enemy should be giving you between 1 and 3 Star Points, unless it's a particularly hard or rare enemy. Bottom line, take my XP numbers with one or more grain(s) of salt.

Enemies listed on the categorical subpages here are organized into tables showing their basic battle and field stats, giving you some information without the need to view the full character sheets. To get to an enemy's individual sheet, click on its name within the table.