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A large, pink Asgardian creature with the same Rayman-esque body structure as Dr. Zeus, but with giant ears and only empty holes where its eyes should be. These were based on the blindfolded Boos in Yoshi's Story, and similarly chase the playerbased on sound instead of sight. In the game, this meant having to tiptoe past them, as moving more quickly would be enough for them to hear you; here in Arpeggio, I've created a similar system where they won't be able to attack you if you don't make any noise, which means Doing Nothing in battle as well as avoiding having your character talk out loud. Like in the game, though, it's probably better to run from them than actually trying to fight, unless you happen to have a silent attack that can take them out. The name Aclops is derived from the Biclops from Chalk Zone.