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Superficially, a Thaumater looks merely like a Volitan with inverted colors: a light green body and a magenta leaf propeller. In reality, the difference is substantial: the green bit is a Voil Bulb, and the "leaves" are actually a robotic device called a Thermodynamic Automotive Machine Technic, or THAUMATE. Because the robot is more primary, it has no Plant Element characteristics. Behaviorally, it moves like a Volitan, but ignores U himself, instead rushing above his collectible items and firing down beams to destroy them. It's thus more of an annoyance than a threat, but best taken out first in order to prevent item loss. In Arpeggio, since items don't float around on the screen the way they did in Something, Thaumater beams go straight into your inventory. It can't destroy weapons, though, and naturally key items that are important to the story will not be destroyed unless they are replicable.