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A flattish-yet-rounded pink thing with eyes, and leaves sticking out the top that spin like a propeller. The pink part is supposed to be scandium, a chemical element with a metallic appearance that in some cases can take on a pink or yellow sheen, and the plant organism grows in it from a Voil Seed, an artificial plant species created by The Scientists. Volitans were the equivalent to Goombas in both Something and Dr. Zeus's Green Eggs and Spam; since U fired his shots upward, flying enemies were actually more vulnerable to him than grounded ones, and thus Volitans would fly, moving slowly right or left at a set height, and spitting giant bullets down at him if he passed underneath. Despite being a plant, a Volitan didn't count as being of the Plant Element in Dr. Zeus because the scandium sort of acted as armor to the plant inside; here, I've counted them as Made of Plant to allow for some effects, but I haven't given them any Elemental Modifiers.