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A mummy sitting up in its sarcophagus and continually typing into a built-in laptop. The sarcophagus, hovering horizontally in the air, is really a technologically advanced biological research pod. The creature's name is a pun on Pharaoh Seti I and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, or SETI program. This was one of my first, weirdest, and favoritest enemies from Game 2, and the concept that they're going around to different planets in order to scan organisms into their database makes it easy to reuse them in future games. To clarify, they all share the same database, so much like the players using Tattle, if one Seti has already scanned a given player, then additional ones won't have to, and they will take advantage of the weaknesses of any opponent they've scanned. In light of the vehicle system, I'll say the mummy is wired directly into the sarcophagus and both explode when defeated, so the players can't steal the pod.