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Default Fusion Sheets

Despite the entire point of the fusion system being to make the stats of fusions easily derivable from those of the fusers and thereby avoid requiring separate character sheets for the fusions themselves, here I nevertheless have premade sheets for fusions of some of the default enemies and generic NPCs. By doing this, I've worked out any potential kinks ahead of time, making things even easier on Maestri down the road. But of course, there are so many possible combinations of enemies, especially since there's technically no limit to how many can fuse at once, that even I will never be able to write them all up, so this section is far from exhaustive. And keep in mind that, just as you should feel free to write up different stats for an enemy than the ones I've given it, wherein the fusion mechanic allows for any wiggle room you should also feel free to do things differently there if you so prefer.

You can, of course, fuse two or more copies of the same enemy, but since in that case the stats are all just multiplied by the number of fusers and no new abilities would be gained (and even the Affinity would stay the same), there's no real need to make sheets for such fusions, so the sheets you'll find here will focus on fusing different kinds of creatures together.

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