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Status Problem-Inducing

Bros. Items

These are based on the Bros. Items from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, which used items to perform special attacks instead of fuel points. They allow the whole team to participate in the attack, but only take up the turn of the character who used the item. They can be used by a solo fighter, but they will be more powerful the more characters participate. "Attack" refers to the Attack Power of the participant, which means that different participants may deal different amounts of damage with the same action. Participants in the Cannonballer, Copy Flower, and Yoo Who Cannon attacks will be hurt by spikes and Electrification (and so on), but because Copy Flowers and Yoo Who Cannons create temporary clones that fade after use, only one instance of this damage is dealt to each character, not additional instances based on how many clones they get. The Army Flower is the only Bros. Item that allows for armed attacks, and when it is used, participants attack with whatever weapon they currently have equipped (and attack unarmed if they currently have nothing equipped). Characters other than the user of the Army Flower may even equip a weapon for Army Flower use and then attack with a different weapon on their own turn, but if they've already acted that turn, they're stuck with whatever they had. Partner Characters do not participate in Bros. Item attacks initiated by player characters, and player characters who are immobilized by Status Problems such as Sleep, Paralysis, or Freezing do not participate either. If used without available teammates, the Snack Basket (actually based on a special attack from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story) only has its healing effect, as the attack part fails without teammates to lift the primary user.