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Humanoid creatures whose heads look like giant green eggs with beady eyes and a horizontal line dividing them in half. Coming in large and small varieties, these heads bear a striking resemblance to Weebl and Bob from the eponymous webseries, which is because they were visually based on them (i.e., ripped off). Green Eggs live in a country called Omlit, which was the intial setting of the story that Dr. Zeus tried to tell about Project U, before U sent the story off the rails and forced it in different directions. The Green Eggs are peaceable, but were at war with the neighboring country of Orderve due to its Spam Army invading them under the command of the tyrannical Queen Bran. Notable Green Eggs include the punnily-named Pat Hogen, Auntie Bawdy, and Elisa (this last one named after a biochemical procedure), as well as two direct stand-ins for Weebl and Bob, Wilhelm and Robert. Residents of Omlit's capital Yoke City are referred to as Yokels.

Deviled Egg