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Default Non-Player Character Sheets

The term "NPC" is short for "non-player character," and applies to both video games and tabletop games. It's used to refer to characters who are neither players nor enemies, but instead people like shopkeepers, royalty, everyday citizens, kidnapping victims—anybody who might appear in the game and play a part in the story, however small, that doesn't involve directly attacking the players. That being said, the entire point of giving NPCs stats and sheets is to preemtively account for the possibility of them ending up in battle, whether on the side of the players or against them. Players who behave like jerks might find themselves making enemies out of NPCs who were supposed to be friendly, or enemies might exert some kind of control over NPCs that causes them to attack the players. NPC allies can act as Partner units, fighting on the players' side in battle, effectively adding one or more player characters to the party who are controlled by the Maestro (but such alliances are often temporary). Even when NPCs don't engage in battle, their field stats may become relevant to the goings-on of the players.

The NPC sheets here are divided into Individuals and Citizenry. Individual NPCs are the ones most likely to end up as Partner units, or else are the ones giving the players jobs or making friends with them during their downtime. The Citizenry sheets are written up like enemy sheets instead of character sheets, because they similarly represent a generic species of creature (or sometimes a particular rendition of that species) rather than a specific member of that species. What the citizenry sheets are for are situations where a character sheet is needed for a random person who has gotten involved in things but for whom the Maestro had not prewritten a sheet. If the players were walking along the street and one of them suddenly decided to punch a random passerby, a generic species sheet can be used to give that random character some set of stats, so as not to grind the game to a halt while the Maestro cooks some up. That being the case, I should hope it's apparent that a species sheet does not set in stone the only stats that can ever be used for any member of that species: when a specific person belonging to a species is stronger (or weaker) and/or more significant, that's when they'll get their own Individual sheet, but even apart from that, the stats of a random person who won't ever show up again can still be altered from what the species sheet says if the Maestro deems it necessary. It's just the Maestro's job at that point not to forget this information so long as it remains relevant.

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