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Best described as cavemen made of rocks who speak in something like a Jamaican accent, they reside in the titular Land of the Cragnons, the setting of Chapter 5 of Super Paper Mario. As a result of them tossing their garbage in the river, they were unknowingly poisoning the Floro Sapiens, who then took revenge by kidnapping Cragnons and turning them into Floro Cragniens. A Cragnon explorer reminiscent of Kolorado and Flavio named Flint Cragley blunders around while Mario and co. solve the problem, apparently filming the caveman equivalent of a TV show, which appears as moving cave paintings on screens made of rock; Cragley is the only Cragnon to speak in proper English, but he often seems more clueless than his crew. The Cragnons worship a god called "Big Rock Who Watches," and believe Mario's group to have been sent by him to help.

Floro Cragnien