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A resident of the town of Flipside, which exists in between dimensions. These people are generally composed of several rectanguloid shapes that might or might not be properly connected, and if they have limbs that are not composed of such shapes, they're usually just black lines. Their faces often appear similarly drawn-on. Most of the Flipsiders seem unaware of the existence of places other than Flipside, but they seem happy enough to occupy themselves with various hobbies and professions. Since Super Paper Mario gameplay was 2D by default, Flipsiders mostly existed in this manner in the game, unable to flip into 3D, and easily overlooked when in 3D due to being paper-thin when viewed from the side. How exactly this would translate into a tabletop RPG, I'm not sure. I'm also not sure whether people like the shop owner Howzit and that guy who builds new pipes should be considered separate species or not.

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