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M.O.V. Sheet



Driver's Seat

Passenger Seat

Trailer Front Compartment

Trailer Middle Compartment Front Seat

Trailer Middle Compartment Rear Seat

Trailer Rear Compartment


Elemental Modifiers


A LEGO police vehicle structured like a semi-truck, only instead of the trailer being an open space to haul goods, it's decked out as a fully operational forensics lab. Chase McCain and Frank Honey once raced one back to the police station in LEGO City "without" damaging it. The truck and trailer have separate HP stats, but the trailer can't drive on its own, and the truck can't do forensics without the trailer. The name "M.O.V." was never spoken during cutscenes and isn't elaborated on by the vehicle selection screen, but I have to imagine it stands for something like "mobile operations vehicle."