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Dark Dark Mechawful Sheet




Elemental Modifiers


The pure black silhouette of a Dark Mechawful.5, a la the Dark enemies from Super Paper Mario. Bowser's Inside Story also had a habit of making Dark versions of enemies, but they weren't completely shadowy; this is a combination of both trends, and it also combines the attacks of both the regular Mechawful and the Dark one, which had different ones for some reason. As you're probably already thinking, this suit is normally operated by a Dark Dark Mechawful Head; another difference with this version, though, is that the flared collar connects to a dome which fully encases the head, so the vehicle doesn't count as open-cockpit and will fully shield the head from damage. This makes it much harder to steal, which is a shame because it's an utter beast. When controlled by the head, its optional flight translates to Raccoon-like properties, allowing it to always dodge earthquakes and the like but remain grounded to avoid taking extra damage from Bows. If a player does somehow manage to steal one, they can do this as well.

Dark Dark Mechawful Head