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Dark Mechawful.5 Sheet




Elemental Modifiers


A stronger version of the Dark Mechawful that gets summoned by Dark Mechawful Heads if their original bodies are defeated, giving them a mid-battle upgrade. They use the same attacks as the, uh, .0 versions, but they're stronger and have more Defense Power. To reflect this, their iron ball hands have spikes on them, and their torsos are metallic gray and have flared collars somewhat resembling Dark Fawful's. Furthermore, the numerical countdown that displays on their chests tends to scramble before completion, though this was more important in their game of origin and is just flavor here. Still, these things are super dangerous, and the fact that the head can keep summoning more of them means that you should be very prepared before facing one. That said, you can just target the head and steal the body for yourself, and then it's you who'll be feared.


Dark Mechawful | Dark Mechawful.5

Dark Mechawful Head