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Lakitufo Saucer Sheet




Elemental Modifiers


A small, twirling, gray flying saucer that normally has a Lakitufo clinging to it. Unlike with regular Lakitus, in the case of Lakitufos it's actually the saucer that's capable of beaming down the Spiny Shroopas, so if the saucer is destroyed or stolen, the Lakitufo loses this ability (as well as, of course, flight). This also means that if a player steals the saucer, that player can beam down Spiny Shroopas to fight for the player team, and since this is a vehicle attack, it isn't limited by a VP pool, so the crafty player can continue doing this until the saucer is destroyed. Of course, as vehicles go, the UFO has very little HP, and since you have to cling to the outside, it doesn't protect you from damage.


Lakitufo | Spiny Shroopa