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Small Koopa Airship Sheet



Pilot's Seat

Deck Seat 1

Deck Seat 2

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Elemental Modifiers


One of the airships in Bowser's fleet that's small enough to count as a vehicle rather than an explorable area (about the size of the one used by the Broodals in Super Mario Odyssey). It's equipped with Magikoopa-enchanted cannons that never run out of cannonballs, but it'll also come with a stock of Bullet Bills, and ships with gold or red detailing will pack Bombshell Bills (for more power) or Bull's-Eye Bills (for a homing effect) respectively. With a wooden body and a crude propeller-based propulsion system, these ships aren't as durable as more hi-tech vessels, but the larger explorable ones aren't so easily destroyed. Either way, cue that classic airship theme music.