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Super Dimentio DLX Sheet






Elemental Modifiers


Again, this was not in the real game, but it's an extra sheet I've made for my own entertainment. This upgrade to Super Dimentio has more HP, deals more damage, and has uniform Defense Power, so the head is no longer a weak point. Funny thing about the 8-bit Luigis: I never knew the real Super Dimentio had that attack until I went to fact-check the game against the Super Mario Wiki to make these sheets, and it seems you'll only ever see the attack if you hide under Peach's umbrella for a long time, but the Luigis don't actually pierce the umbrella, so the entire thing seems pointless or even a programming error, unless it's an extremely obscure joke at Luigi's expense. At any rate, in this version I made them actually pierce defense. I imagine the "DLX" being pronounced "deluxe," which is usually abbreviated just "DX" but, y'know, Mr. L.

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