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Shuriken-Type Weapons

Also known as ninja stars, these small, concealed blades function as something of a mix between melee and projectile weapon types: they have a Weapon Level like melee weapons, and can be used in melee attacks, but they're traditionally thrown instead, and due to their disposable nature, they come in sets or packs, sort of like the ammunition pack for a gun except that they aren't loaded into a firing device, they're merely thrown by hand. Whether thrown or used in a melee attack, individual shuriken are used up, subtracting from the amount remaining in the pack until none are left, at which point the pack ceases to exist as a weapon item. Naturally, a pack of shuriken only takes up one slot in the weapon inventory, but multiple packs will take up multiple slots even if they're the exact same type (although I might allow two half-used packs to be combined into a single pack, freeing up one of their slots). There is no concern with "reloading" here as there is with projectile weapons, and shuriken do base their damage on the user's stats, so they are affected by boosts to Attack Power and the like.