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Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are those with which you directly hit people (or more often, stab or slash). These are the ones that require a certain Weapon Level in the right subtype in order to be used, and which form Weapon Triangles with those subtypes, based on the mechanic from the Fire Emblem franchise. Melee weapons will allow you to avoid taking damage from an opponent who is Spiky, although you'll still be shocked by one who's Electrified. They typically draw from your Attack Power stat and modify it to allow you to deal more damage without spending VP, but some special melee weapons also exist that instead base their power on the Magic or Brain stats, which can come in handy if those are more your specialty. Melee weapons also include Shields, which modify the wielder's Defend command to block more damage than usual. And even stranger things whose classification as weapons might seem questionable will generally also count as melee weapons, unless they can shoot something out or allow the casting of magic spells. Lastly, some melee weapons actually can shoot something out, making their attacks count as projectile, but if they're listed in this section instead of the projectile weapons section, then they still count as melee weapons.

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