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Status Conditions

Status Conditions are made up of Status Problems (bad conditions), Status Benefits (good conditions), mental disorders (chronic psychological problems that persist throughout the whole game), and other conditions (some of which are temporary, more like Problems and Benefits, and some of which are permanent, more like mental disorders). I also have individual pages addressing a couple of more complicated topics that could be considered Status Conditions: the Paper Mario staple of flipping certain enemies over with certain attacks (which is absent from Arpeggio by default for reasons explained on that page), and the concept of fusing two or more characters into one new character, a la Dragon Ball or Steven Universe.

Other Maestri can make up their own Status Conditions if they so desire, but I have listed these here under Arpeggio Info (the "rules" section) rather than Default Data (the "examples" section) because I put a lot of work into them, they cover a lot of bases, and they are referred to widely throughout the site.

Status Problems | Status Benefits | Mental Disorders | Other Conditions | Flipping | Fusion