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Mental Disorders

Mental disorders are chronic psychological problems that a character may possess. They differ from Status Problems in that they cannot be cured and are inherent parts of the character's personality. In the game mechanics, some of them affect psychic attacks used by and/or targeting the character, while others may have more bearing on Status Problems or field stats. They are all quite rare and should not be distributed haphazardly, although it could be the case that a boss has invented some means of inflicting temporary versions of them onto the players. But, for the most part, if the players are not up to the extra role-playing, and/or the Maestro is not up to calculating the effects, then mental disorders should be left out of an Arpeggiated game. As with Status Conditions, you can make up your own disorders (or rather, write numerical effects for ones I have left out), but I'm just going to keep them here rather than in Default Data. As you can see if you read the descriptions, they are based more on the Hollywood versions of these disorders than the real-life ones, which seems preferable for these circumstances.